Research & Educational Support

Investigator-Sponsored Research

Our Investigator-Sponsored Research (ISR) program supports research that can advance the collective understanding of our products and therapeutic focus, which may ultimately improve patient care. We encourage investigators to submit grant proposals that have this goal in mind.

Retrophin provides several forms of grant support, which may include:

  • Funding for expenses directly associated with research protocol-related study activities;
  • Free clinical trial material for in-vitro and animal studies or clinical trial research; or
  • A combination of the above

Retrophin is committed to a rigorous process for awarding grants.  As such, all accepted grant proposals are reviewed by the company's multidisciplinary ISR Review Committee.  Accepted grant proposals are evaluated thoroughly on the basis of medical or scientific merit, as well as alignment to Retrophin's overarching research goals.

Interested parties must submit an application outlining the proposed research and request for support. This process includes the steps listed below. All applicants will be kept apprised of the status of their proposal throughout the process.

  1. Submission of a full study protocol to, along with an ISR concept form and grant request form.
  2. Upon approval of the full study protocol and budget, a research support agreement must be fully executed by the researcher, his or her institution, and Retrophin.

Please contact with questions about our ISR program or to inquire about the status of a research grant request.

Medical Education Grants

We are committed to supporting independent educational activities that increase understanding of how to improve the care of patients with rare diseases. As such, Retrophin provides Medical Education Grants to support independent programs for healthcare professionals, patients, consumers, and healthcare associations, foundations and institutions, in which the programs relate to our therapies and therapeutic focus.

Educational providers and the activities they develop must be compliant with all applicable legal and regulatory guidelines, and the ethical standards under which Retrophin conducts business. For instance, grants must never be linked to prescribing, purchasing, formulary status, or reimbursement activities. In addition, grants may only be provided in response to an unsolicited request for funding from the proposed grant recipient.

Retrophin supports the following types of educational grants:

  • Educational grants can be certified educational programs (CME/CE), projects
  • Activities for non-accredited education of healthcare professionals or patients, and strictly for educational purposes.

Grant requests are only accepted by sending a request of interest to and such requests must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of the proposed program. Educational providers may request a grant by submitting a grant request form, which should be accompanied by the following:

  • A reasonably detailed description of the program or activity for which funding is requested, including need, general subject matter, amount requested, reason for the request, date, requestor signature, objectives, instructional methods, evaluation plan, budget, time, place, tax ID #, qualifications and institutional affiliation(s), and anticipated invitees or audience.

Those requesting a grant must also submit documentation disclosing any conflicts of interest or financial relationships between them and Retrophin.

Please contact with questions about our educational grant program or to inquire about the status of an educational grant request.